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Cannoli Gelato Kit

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Creamy ricotta, decadent chocolate stracciatella, and flaky, delicately fried cannoli shells – three flavors that perfectly represent the culture of classic Italian dessert are now available in PreGel's easy to use Cannoli Kit. Complete with 2 bags of PreGel Ricotta 30 Sprint, 3 squeeze bottles of PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale (Chocolate Chips), and 1 box of cannoli shells, this kit allows for the effortless transformation of the timeless cannoli pastry into an equally revered authentic Italian gelato.

Cannoli are intended to arrive as pieces. Cases may contain whole cannoli shells.

1 box of 3" Cannoli Shells, 3 squeeze bottles of Gran Stracciatella Reale and 2 bags of Ricotta 30
Application :
Gelato, Ice Cream, Pastry