Bio Spoons

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Code: ALC088-9BIO

Scoop gelato with these eco-friendly, biodegradable taster spoons. These Italian gelato spoons come assorted in three (3) earthy color tones: green, ivory and orange. These spoons are made using Poly-Bi® technology, which transforms the plastic product into natural elements such as carbon dioxide, water and biomass. These spoons are biodegradable within 10 years or less after disposal.

Pair these biodegradable spoons with PreGel's 100% compostable custom paper cups. For more information regarding compostable custom cups, please contact PreGel's Special Service Team at 800-977-3435 or email us at if you are interested in receiving a free personalized quote.

Dimensions: Length 3-3/4", Width: 3/4"

Packaging: 10 bags (670-690 spoons per bag)

Material: Biodegradable, Plastic

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