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  • Pino Pinguino® Mold
    A heavyweight silicon mold in the shape of PreGel's signature Pino Pinguino® logo that includes a penguin. Can be used with gelato, chocolate or Coriandolina coatings. Use to decorate gelato pans or cakes.
  • Pino Pinguino® Salted Peanut
    Combining the wildly popular combination of sweet and salty with a union of creamy peanut sauce and salty peanut pieces, this cold fudge sauce brings an enjoyably crunchy dynamic to artisanal desserts.
  • Pino Pinguino® Original (Chocolate Hazelnut)
    Boasting the classic flavor combination of rich milk chocolate and delightful hazelnut, this smooth cold fudge sauce presents an undeniably authentic flavor.

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  • Pino Pinguino® Nero (Dark Chocolate)
    The bittersweet bite of decadent dark chocolate dominates this cold fudge sauce, adding the perfect sensation to every bite of your original artisan creation.

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  • Pino Pinguino® Bianco (White Chocolate)
    Offering a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth experience, the sweet, subtle essence of creamy white chocolate in this smooth cold fudge sauce brings an irresistible flavor component to artisan desserts, making the results exceptional.
  • Pino Pinguino® Lemon
    With an amazing ability to remain soft in a frozen environment, this innovative topping and filling offers a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth experience, allowing the option to layer or marbleize decadent pans of gelato.
  • Pino Pinguino® Caramel
    The alluring scent and toothsome sweetness of this rich, caramel-flavored cold fudge is worthy of any quality frozen dessert or pastry, making them instantly and utterly irresistible.
  • Pino Pinguino® Orange
    A soft caress of pure flavor boasting a bright, vibrant color and a fresh orange flavor. Its rich and creamy smooth texture, which remains soft and with a fudge consistency even at negative temperatures, is perfect for creating pleasant color and flavor contrasts. Excellent for gelato specialties, try it also for preparing delicious soft serve, yummy beverages, and surprising pastry creations!
  • Monster Gelato Pan Kit

    Ghoulishly appealing, fiendishly flavorful, and menacingly magnificent, the new PreGel Monster Gelato Pan Kit is perfect for Halloween and themed parties! Featuring 1 bucket of Orange Pino Pinguino (cold fudge); 4 bags of PreGel Dark Chocolate Sorbetto Sprint; 1 case of 3 ounce black gelato cups, and 1 case of Bio Spoons, this festive kit contains all the tools and ingredients necessary to make gelato that is frighteningly delicious.

    Silicone Mold for Top of Gelato Pan - Coral (item code, PAVTOP102) sold separately.