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Fruit Lounge® Forest Berries


Bursting with the mouthwatering flavors of juicy bilberries, raspberries, and black currants, this flavorsome fruit syrup made with high fruit content, instantly upgrades the overall look and taste of delicious cocktails, mixed drinks, and tasty non-alcoholic cream and fruit smoothies, or PreGel’s Frappe Mixes and Base.

4 bottles x 2.8 lbs
Application :
Frozen Beverage
as desired based on application
Certifications & Dietary Attributes
Dairy Free
Gluten Free

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Allergy Information:
Please be aware that this product is manufactured and packaged in a facility that contains products with peanuts & derivatives, wheat/gluten, egg products, dairy, soy products and tree nuts & derivatives. We strongly recommend that consumers always read the ingredient statement for the most current information.