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PreGel’s line-up of incomparable ingredient solutions streamline production times and boost a creative environment through customizable, easy-to-use components that generate phenomenal results. We believe your passion and our ingredients make the best combination to create success and longevity in this growing industry. Allow us to share more in-depth information about our superior specialty dessert ingredient solutions in the areas of Gelato, Sorbetto & Ice Cream, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Pastry & Confections, and Specialty Dessert Beverages, as well as exclusive serveware, equipment, and supplies.

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  • Futura Mold

    Revolutionary in design, these long oval-shaped molds create treats that emphasize any display case. 

    Mold: 9.69" L x 3.94" W x 1.85" H  
    Indent Dimensions: 9.06" L x 3.94" W x 1.85" H 
    Capacity: 29.92 fl. oz.

  • Galaxy Mold

    These galactic molds help you create goodies that look out of this world.

    Mold: 6.89" W x 2.17" H
    Capacity: 34.32 fl. oz.

  • Individual Bullet Mold

    The sweet results of these innovative molds are simply profound and sure to trigger interest in your other showcased goods.

    Mold: 23.62" W x 15.75" H
    Number of indents: 35
    Indent Dimensions: 2.36" W x 2.28" H
    Indent Capacity: 3.72 fl. oz.

  • Individual Dome Mold

    These miniature molds are perfect to create goodies for special events large and small, or to create delightful monoportions. 

    Mold: 23.62" W x 15.75" H
    Number of Indents: 24
    Indent Dimensions: 2.76" W x 1.57" H
    Indent Capacity: 4.22 fl. oz

  • Individual Planet Mold

    Send your customers to their own world of culinary bliss beginning with the look of chic indulgence. 

    Mold: 11.81" W x 15.75" L 
    Number of Indents: 12
    Indent Dimensions: 2.56" W x 1.34" H
    Indent capacity: 3.27 fl. oz.

  • Individual Round Mold

    Perfectly circular in shape, these molds create delightfully bite-sized treats for any occasion.

    Mold: 23.62" W x 15.75" H
    Number of indents: 24 
    Indent dimensions: 2.91" W x 0.59" H
    Indent capacity: 2.29 fl. oz.

  • Individual Sphere Mold

    Create sphere-shaped delicacies that embody the kind of tastes that leave your consumers unable to contain their joy. 

    Mold: 11.81" W x 15.75" H
    Number of Indents: 20
    Indent Dimensions: 1.97" W x 1.77" H
    Indent Capacity: 2.29 fl. oz.

  • Pavocake Eclipse Mold

    Think outside of the box with this circular mold design and offer customers a culinary vision as unique as your own taste.

    Mold: 7.63" L x 7.63" W x 2.42" H
    Indent Dimension: 7.08" W x 2.36" H
    Indent Capacity: 38.55 fl. oz.

  • Pavocake Fluted Large Dome Mold

    This captivating mold proves that the look of a dessert can be just as delicious as the taste.

    Mold: 7.63" L x 7.63" W x 3.64" H 
    Indent Dimensions: 7.08" W x 3.54" H 
    Indent Capacity: 48.69 fl. oz.

  • Pavocake Large Dome Mold

    The appeal is in the simplicity of this mold's smooth design, easily create intrigue and tasty uniformity.

    Mold: 7.63" L x 7.63" W x 3.54" H
    Indent: 7.08" W x 3.54" H
    Indent Capacity: 51.63 fl. oz

  • Pavocake Traditional Entremet Mold

    This mold offers a modern, futuristic design to finished dessert, blending old with new to create stunning results.

    Mold: 7.63" L x 7.63" W x 1.83" H   
    Indent dimension: 7.08" W x 1.77" H   
    Indent capacity: 38.38 fl. oz.

  • Pavoni® Decoration Bag – Medium
    Bright orange pastry bag that is very flexible and extremely durable. Smooth on the inside to facilitate the escape of the product and rough outside for easy grip.
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