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During the infancy of gelato-making, artisans of the revered dessert created standard recipes utilizing egg yolks as the main stabilizer, and other raw ingredients such as sugar and milk – or water for sorbetto. Fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate, etc. were then added for flavor. Batching the gelato was the last step where one of the most important ingredients – air – was incorporated in to allow for a dense, smooth, texture. However, with time, most processes become more refined.

Today, the production of new technology and innovative ingredient solutions, such as those produced and manufactured by PreGel, have helped to streamline the initially time-consuming process of making artisanal gelato. Aside from mechanized pasteurizers, batch freezers, and display cases to help prolong its shelf life, gelato ingredients have also become more sophisticated.

Allow us to share more in depth information about our superior specialty dessert ingredient solutions.

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  • Frozen Pop Sticks
    A frozen treat classic - a wooden popsicle stick. Use them for frozen treats or cake pops. Also great for crafts and school projects.
  • Pavoni® Small/Mini Stick
    A true classic, just smaller - the mini wooden popsicle stick. Use these for any of your frozen treats or cake pops. Also great for crafts and school projects.