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  • Happy Torte® (Neutral Frozen Mousse Base)
    Whip this revolutionary gluten-free powdered base into a mouthwatering semifreddo, mousse, or stabilized whipped cream. The gratifying taste of a subtly sweet nature is delicate enough to apply to a wealth of menu options.

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  • Soffiopan® Neutral Base
    Variety and customization is key in pastry. This innovative gluten-free powdered base produces a light and creamy mousse or a sublime semifreddo with a soft, velvety texture, both of which can be flavored with any of PreGel’s Fortefruttos®, Traditional Pastes, 5-Star Pastry Select Compounds or Pastes for the ultimate results.
  • Soffiopan® Yogurt (Yogurt Mousse Base)
    This revolutionary Cold Process powder creates irresistible soft yogurt-flavored mousse, specifically designed for container desserts. Easily customize to create an array of flavors with PreGel Traditional Pastes or Fortefrutto®. Ease of use includes its free stable status, meaning mousse created with this product can be safely frozen and thawed without affecting texture.