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  • Coffee Compound
    Coffee beans brewed to perfection bring forth the most exquisite coffee essence, this subtropical 5-Star paste is sure to delight the most devout coffee lovers.
  • Coconut Compound
    Thick and aromatic, one whiff of this smooth and milky 5-Star compound paste acts as an instant transport to the exotic world of authentic Caribbean cuisine.
  • Raspberry Compound
    Similar to the taste of a grape, but sweeter, the raspberry is one of the most popular fruits in the rose family of plants. In the American consumer market, raspberries rank in the top three favorite with strawberries and blueberries. Bring its refreshing, versatile, and delightfully astringent flavor to the world of artisanal frozen desserts with this 5-Star compound.
  • Strawberry Compound
    Sweet, pure, and aromatic, this strawberry 5-Star flavor compound is created with authentic strawberry juices and pulp for numerous dessert applications.
  • Vanilla Compound
    The intense vanilla essence of 5-Star compound defines this rich dessert paste in a way that instantly pleases the palate, with specks of vanilla bean that tease the eyes.
  • Orange Compound
    Known for its distinct, fresh citrus flavor, our orange 5-Star compound is a must for chefs seeking an authentic orange flavor.
  • White Mint Compound
    The beloved essence of peppermint is abundant in this refreshing 5-Star compound, showcasing the unrealized possibilities of mint-based culinary magnificence.
  • Mango Compound
    Fragrantly intoxicating, the rich pineapple-orange flavor profile of the exotic Southeast Asian superfruit is a tantalizing option on menus across the United States. Capturing the taste of the sweet, juicy Alfonso variety, this 5-Star fruit compound is a menu must-have for artisanal dessert that’s more like a ‘no-passport-required’ tropical getaway.
  • Passion Fruit Compound
    The authentic taste of fresh-cut passion fruit is captured in this 5-Star fruit compound. With its vibrant color, and energizing flavor, this pastry flavoring is undeniable.
  • Hazelnut Superior Paste (Premium Light Toasted Hazelnut)
    Regina, meaning “queen” in Latin, is truly a monarch of pure hazelnut essence in this flavorful 5-Star sugar-free paste with commanding quality of eminent supremacy.
  • Torrone Paste (Nougat)
    Modeled after a traditional dessert served during the holiday season across Italy and Europe, this delightful 5-Star Chef Pastry Select flavoring paste combines honey, sugar, and authentic Italian pistachios and hazelnuts to create yet another delectable classic taste incorporated in high-end pastry and frozen dessert applications.
  • Lemon Compound
    Everything about the lemon says ‘invigorating’ from its color to its scent. Citrus flavors are not only culinary superstars, but they are light, refreshing and a great flavor canvas to customize with anything from other flavors to spices. Create a ‘zesty’ menu option utilizing this 5-Star compound that achieves a fresh lemon flavor.