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Prisma by Chef Frank Haasnoot


Showcasing six extraordinary colors, 330 informative pages, 48 unique recipes, and the adventurous innovation of one world-renowned chef, Prisma, the debut cookbook by Dutch pastry chef and master chocolatier, Frank Haasnoot, takes readers on a culinary adventure rich in color, tastes, texture, and undeniable creativity. Readers are instantly captivated by the visually intriguing and exquisite design of the literary composition, featuring a cover that offers a colorful preview into a world of clean and modern entremets, rustic art pastries, and beautifully designed petit gateaux that highlight the pastry mastery Chef Haasnoot has cultivated in his 23-year career.

Designed to be a springboard for creativity, innovation, and unique pastry development, the step-by-step recipe instruction accompanied by eye-catching photography in Prisma not only pays homage to the beauty that color brings to pastry, but also encourages three rules for inspiration as stated by Chef Haasnoot himself, and that is to “keep an open mind, take everything into perspective, and be playful.”

Language:    English
ISBN-13:       978-84-946323-8-9
Publisher:     Rafael Vila, 2018
Pages:           329 pages

9.5" x 11.38"
1 hardcover book