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Production Supplies

PreGel's exclusive ServIce® line of equipment and serveware covers a wide range of supply needs from mixing buckets and pitchers to frozen pop supplies and insulated to-go containers. All of PreGel’s unique and efficient supply solutions are competitively priced and offer dessertpreneurs the opportunity to bring the full realm of their culinary imaginations to fruition.

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  • Fuchsia 6-pc Macaron Box

    These eye-catching, sophisticated macaron boxes are hard plastic, fuschia bottom with a clear lid, hold 6 macarons and provide a stylish element of decor, while effectively protecting and displaying the delicate cookies. Easily customizable by putting your own sticker or tag onto the containers.

  • Fuchsia 6-pc Macaron Kit
    The all-inclusive macaron kit includes 8 bags (3.3 lbs per bag) of PreGel Macaron Mix, 1 Silpat® sheet, and 1 case containing 90 boxes of eye-catching, 6-piece macaron boxes in fuchsia.
  • Futura Mold
    Revolutionary in design, these long oval-shaped molds create treats that emphasize any display case.
  • Galaxy Mold
    These galactic molds help you create goodies that look out of this world.
  • Gerber Daisy Flower Mold

    A heavyweight silicon mold to create the form of 3-dimensional Gerber daisies. There are two sizes of daisies on this one mold, 6 large and 6 small daisies. Mold can be filled with gelato, chocolate or Coriandolina® Coatings. Please note, the leaves pictured were created using the Rose Leaf Mold which is sold separately.


  • Individual Bullet Mold
    The sweet results of these innovative molds are simply profound and sure to trigger interest in your other showcased goods.
  • Individual Dome Mold
    These miniature molds are perfect to create goodies for special events large and small, or to create delightful monoportions.
  • Individual Planet Mold
    Send your customers to their own world of culinary bliss beginning with the look of chic indulgence.
  • Individual Round Mold
    Perfectly circular in shape, these molds create delightfully bite-sized treats for any occasion.
  • Individual Sphere Mold
    Create sphere-shaped delicacies that embody the kind of tastes that leave your consumers unable to contain their joy.
  • iSi® Funnel & Sieve
    iSi® heavyweight stainless steel funnel holds a capacity of 1.5 pints (3 cups) and includes a fine mesh sieve that easily connects and disconnects, allowing for easy straining of pulp, seeds and particulates to avoid clogging iSi canisters. However, the sieve can be used with any liquid you want to remove small lumps and particles from or can be used for sifting dry ingredients.
  • iSi® Gourmet Whip (1 pint)

    iSi's multifunctional, stainless steel 1 pint whipper can be used for cold or hot preparations and has a protective silicone grip and fixed stainless steel valve for easy dispensing. The Gourmet Whip includes three stainless steel tips (straight, tulip & star) as well as a cleaning brush. Cream chargers sold separately.

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