Éclair Mat

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Silform® Éclair Mats are suited perfectly for choux pastry. These non-stick mats feature 18 elongated indents to make piping and calibrating much easier. No butter, grease, oils or sprays are needed. The perforated texture provides optimal heat transfer for the perfect crunch and color. Use these mats in combination with our gluten-free Éclair Mix and any of our Pâte à Glacer flavored coatings to give your eclairs a matte finish.




Dimensions: 18” x 26”

Packaging: 1 Mat

Color: Black

Product Specifications

Indents: 1" x 4.87"
Depth: 0.18"
Volume: 0.5 oz

Material: Fiberglass mesh coated in food grade safe silicone.

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