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Serving Supplies

PreGel's exclusive ServIce® line of equipment and serveware covers a wide range of supply needs from mixing buckets and pitchers to frozen pop supplies and insulated to-go containers. All of PreGel’s unique and efficient supply solutions are competitively priced and offer dessertpreneurs the opportunity to bring the full realm of their culinary imaginations to fruition.

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  • Trash Cone

    Enhance your gelato shop with an innovative, high quality 3D ice cream trash cone. Its durable construction is made from fiberglass, making it an extremely robust and shock resistant structure. Top is removable for easy cleaning and the base can hold a little over 43 gallons of waste. Made in Italy.

  • Vegan Flavor Marker
    These unique Vegan flavor marker holders are sold individually so you can purchase as many as you need, when you need them. These holders are both food safe and eye-catching.
  • White Rubber Spatula
    Use to scrape down bowls and pitchers or use as a tool for folding in ingredients.
  • Wide 5L Dome Lid

    Avoid ruining your creative gelato sculpting by storing or transporting your product with these clear disposable lids. These sturdy domed lids fit snuggly on the disposable shallow gelato pan liners to protect your gelato sculpting when storing or transporting product. Shallow gelato pan liners sold separately.


    Regular Price: $65.00

    Special Price: $55.25

  • Wide 5L Grey Pan Liner
    Our shallow pan liners are heavy-duty and disposable, holding approximately 5 liters. Use these pan liners with the shallow dome lids for easy storage and transportation. Dome lids sold separately.

    Regular Price: $76.00

    Special Price: $64.60

  • YoCup - Large
    These sturdy 20-oz white paper cups are perfect for serving frozen yogurt and soft serve, plain or laden with delicious toppings.
  • YoCup - Small
    These 12-oz sturdy, white paper cups are perfect for serving frozen yogurt or soft serve, plain or laden with delicious toppings. Lids sold separately
  • YoCup Dome Lid - Small
    These sturdy clear plastic dome lids are designed to work with our small YoCup (Item #YoCup12). The dome top allows rooms for toppings or the perfect yogurt or soft serve swirl.
  • YoCup Flat Lid - Small
    These lightweight, flat, clear plastic lids are convenient to keep on hand for customers wanting to enjoy their frozen yogurt or soft serve on the go. To be used with our YoCup12.
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