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  • ifi® Cart for Gelato CoolBox
    Wheel your Gelato Coolbox everywhere you can imagine with this easily fold-able cart. This cart contains accessory compartments for all your gelato supplies and is fully equipped with 4 wheels, two of which come with brakes. Gelato Coolbox is sold separately.
  • ifi® Gelato Cool Box

    ifi® Gelato Cool Box is a real mobile gelato parlor. Artisan gelato makers and chain stores can now take their gelato to parties, sporting events, restaurants or anywhere you can imagine. Promote your image at every joyous occasion with this professional gelato suitcase.

    The Cool Box comes with two (2) 7 liter stainless steel anti-rotation tubs to store, display and serve product. The Cool Box is insulated like a gelato display case with up to 6 hours of perfect gelato storage. Best of all, there is no need for electrical power. It can be carried by hand or used with the Gelato Cart, item 199800.

     Anthracite cooler with blue lid.

    PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 22.5" H x 13.25" W x 24.5" L

    PACKAGED WEIGHT: 43 lbs.

    OTHER: Designed to store gelato for 4 hours with the cover closed and more than 2 hours with the cover open (serving) in ambient conditions of 35°C and 60% RH.


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  • ifi® Gelato Tub

    The system developed by IFI locks the tub inside the pozzetto, stopping it from rotating without resorting to hand-made systems that are not always effective. This makes it easy to serve the gelato: the tub is locked and therefore does not rotate when the operator spoons out the gelato. Lid sold separately.


  • ifi® Kit of Cooling Packs for CoolBox

    The iFi Gelato Cool Box maintains gelato at display case temperatures in ambient conditions for up to 4 hours with the cover closed and more than 2 hours with the cover open thanks to the revolutionary cool packs that are inserted beneath the tubs of gelato. Freeze these cooling packs at -20°C for 24-48 hours before use for optimum performance.