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Fruit Lounge® Coconut


The mesmerizing tropical flavor of the exotic coconut is the basis of countless popular drinks. Its hydrating qualities and sweet, refreshing taste offer a unique flavor profile that cannot be duplicated. Made with high fruit content, this highly demanded fruit syrup with real pieces of coconut flakes is a social flavor that is able to blend with the essence of many other fruits, enhancing the results of delicious cocktails, mixed drinks, and tasty non-alcoholic cream and fruit smoothies, or PreGel’s Frappe Mixes and Base.

4 bottles x 2.8 lbs
Application :
Frozen Beverage
as desired based on application
Certifications & Dietary Attributes
Gluten Free
Halal (IFANCA®)

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Allergy Information:
Please be aware that this product is manufactured and packaged in a facility that contains products with peanuts & derivatives, wheat/gluten, egg products, dairy, soy products and tree nuts & derivatives. We strongly recommend that consumers always read the ingredient statement for the most current information.